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Mike Dreves

Mike Dreves got his start in lawn care in 1979, working for the largest locally-owned lawn company in Omaha. Since then, he has had a variety of experiences working for other lawn companies. These experiences support an extensive knowledge in what works for lawns and what doesn’t. Experience also leads to a greater understanding of what customers want from their lawn care professionals.

In 1998, after nearly 20 years in growing lawns and a need to feed his entrepreneurial spirit he started LAWNPOWR in 1998. Fast forward to the present, customers can count on a total of 34 years of turf experience, know-how, safety and personal service that LAWNPOWR provides.

The company name originates from Lee Dreves, Mike’s father, who owned a successful ad agency. Family plays an important role in Dreves’ life. His wife Cindi, is a pediatric R.N. by day and co-owner, weekend warrior for LAWNPOWR. Together, they will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this year.

The other half of the family, Reggie (picture with Dreves), is named after Reggie Jackson, who played baseball for his all-time favorite sports team, the New York Yankees. Mike is pictured above with his first Husky Shoni. His current Huskies are name Reggie & Jackson honoring the former player for his favorite all-time sports team the New York Yankees. Dreves love for baseball stems from his participation in the sport, having played in Rosenblatt Stadium in grade school, high school and college.

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