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Pet Friendly Care for your Yard

Woof! The adventures of Reg and Jack from LAWNPOWR

Hello, I'm Reg, the one on the left, and I'm Jack, the better looking dog on the right. We're lucky because our owners, the people at LAWNPOWR, know how to take care of our grass.

They're professionals who specialize in:

  • granular fertilizer
  • lawn pest and
  • weed control...

...for residential customers like you.

If you have furry friends like us, they'll thank you for giving them a place to play and roll in the grass.

Did you know that unlike LAWNPOWR's system, some lawn chemicals are unsafe for pets? That's right Jack, and we don't have to worry about fleas and ticks with LAWNPOWR. Reg and I love to feel the thick carpet of green grass as we chase each other around the yard. Caring for your lawn helps you care for us and the rest of your family!

Folks, you need LAWNPOWR. They make your yard the envy of the neighborhood with their six-step application program.

Why not let them do the work for you?

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Pet Friendly Lawn Care Omaha Nebraska
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