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Flea & Tick Control

Your lawn can be home to a significant number of fleas and ticks. Treating your lawn controls fleas and ticks, as well as other bothersome insects to keep your lawn enjoyable for pets and people.  Read more on Pet Friendly yard care.

Home Perimeter Insect Control

Put a protective shield around your home to keep unwanted insects from entering your home. Pest control protects your home without harming your foliage or shrubs.


Advantages include; allowing nutrients into root systems, root defense zone.

Fungicidal Treatment

Prevents and inhibits fungus in sections that stay too wet. Recommended for lawns with a history of disease and fungus problems.

Fall Seeding

Seeding helps thin or bare spots fill in. Fall is the best climate to maximize growth.

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Lawn Services for Healthly Lawn Omaha Nebraska
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