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Yard Pest Control

Eliminating pests such as insects that bite or sting can improve your lawn’s health . Some are potentially dangerous and may cause allergic reactions.

Insects can destroy your home by eating fabrics, paper, food or drapes.

Insect damage can be difficult to spot. It can appear similar to disease problems, chemical burn or drought. Insects can live above the soil level in the plants or thatch layer or below the soil level in the roots.

Flea & Tick Control

Your lawn can be home to a significant number of fleas and ticks. Treating your lawn controls fleas and ticks, as well as other bothersome insects to keep your lawn enjoyable for pets and people.  Read more on Pet Friendly yard care.

Home Perimeter Insect Control

Put a protective shield around your home to keep unwanted insects from entering your home. Pest control protects your home without harming your foliage or shrubs.

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