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When is the best time to plant grass seed?

Cool-season grasses, such as tall turf type fescue and Kentucy Bluegrass, which are the most common grasses in our kneck of our woods, grow best when temperatures are between 60-80 degrees.

It is true that many would, and do think the answer to this question is... the best time to plant grass seed is spring. The scientific and proven FACT of the matter is, EARLY FALL is the best time to seed because of its shorter days, cooler nights, and heavier dews. Your most successful seeding time is right AROUND Labor Day. It is certainly ok to plant seed in the spring, however, it is true that our most common turf types, like bluegrass and fescue, germinate, thrive and survive best when planted in early fall.

It is also highly recommended to aerate prior to overseeding. Aeration will certainly improve germination results and strenghthen roots. Both of which will provide you with a thicker, greener and overall healthier lawn. Keep in mind, the thicker your turf is, the more it can resist weeds and fungus, on its own, without use of chemicals. As we all may know first hand, weeds, and diseases such as fungus, crabgrass and dandelions are the biggest challenge, and worst threat to your turfs' overall health, and appearance.

Spring is the best time to supress grassy and broadleaf weeds. Unfortunately, both pre- emergents and herbicides, which suppress grassy and broadleaf weeds, are MOST effective in the spring. Both of these chemicals, espescially pre-emergents, will hamper seed germination in the spring even further.

Some folks seed in spring, and use "starter fertilizers" instead of pre emergents. Starter fertilizers have NO grassy weed (pre emergent) capabilities. When seed is planted in spring, we also have to reduce widespread spraying of broadleaf weeds, which both thrive in the spring. We all desire healthy, green, thick and weed free lawns!

So, to keep it simple, seed in the FALL, and take advantage of pre emergents and herbicide in the spring. Your lawn will thank you!

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